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My private garden corner (and more), new for The Home Show

We've been invited to the popular The Home Show and have four new releases for it: two are final copy/no transfer products, and two are full permissions releases. All the new releases will be set 40% off their price while the event is up. Click here for your taxi!

From our four releases, our favorite is My private garden corner, with scripted doors, perfect for any kind of forest or other more urban location. It comes in three sizes to adapt to your LI resources, and you can also resize it, that won't affect the scripted doors:

and then the accompanying table on a tree stump with a basket full of apples:

Designers that use full permissions objects have an ottoman with a mobile cushion part that makes it an storage bench. They can use our Moving Parts AVsitter plugin script for example. It comes in two versions in the same set: with and without the metallic spheres around the object.

And finally, we have a textures pack for this set, including textures for both the metallic spheres version and the flat one:

Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 08/07/2017 at 21:00:00 - 0 Comments

The sunny days series, Do you want a pineapple, and a gacha set, new for TLC

The Liaison Collaborative opens with The Islands, and we're releasing three new exclusives for this round. Two pose sets, The sunny days series and the funny Do you want a pineapple? (includes the pineapples - BENTO ONLY!)... and one decoration gacha set! The Tropical Gacha, which we hope you like. Click here for your taxi!

Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 07/07/2017 at 23:59:59 - 0 Comments

The Cabaret Bond, new for Totally Top Shelf (Kink)

This post may contain graphic material considered adult in certain parts of the world, or it may contain reflections you don't agree with and you don't want to read reflections you don't agree with. If you're an adult that can view the graphic material (if exists) without offense, and that is capable of reading opinions that don't necessarily will match yours 100% again without offense, then click to proceed.

I'm an adult capable of handling adult material with no offense feelings, whether this adult material is graphic, written or opinions. Show me the post.

Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 05/07/2017 at 21:00:00 - 0 Comments

The Shower: New script, full permissions mesh and textures kit

Our new script is simple in its use, yet amazingly realistic. Sit on the shower and the water will run. Access from AVsitter to a menu that will let you:

  • Turn the water on/off while in the shower
  • Select one from up to nine sound clips - or no sound at all
  • Change the sound volume
  • Have up to two particles effects (falling water and steam)

The water is particles based. Three particles textures are included.

The script is 50% off during the first week.

To complete the releases this weekend, we have a modern shower plus a high quality baked textures pack with materials. These kits are also discounted until Monday only at the main store. Click here for your taxi!

Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 16/06/2017 at 09:00:00 - 0 Comments

New script, full permissions Bento poses, mesh and texture kits

Bento's arrival to SL opened a whole world of possibilities to make our creations even more featured than before. Our new script is an addition to the family of AVsitter plugins that can play Bento hand poses together with older animations in AVsitter so your engines become more realistic and fun. The best of all is that you don't have to ditch your old animations because they don't have hand poses. All you need is adding Bento hand poses specifically designed, like our hand poses kit to enhance dining animations like holding a spoon, a wine glass, a knife and a fork, and more.

This pack of hand poses will enhance your already purchased pre-Bento animations, by adding the extra touch that the hand poses bring:

The script is 50% off during the first week, and the poses have a huge discount during this first week as well.

To complete the releases this weekend, we have a dining set composed of chair and table, plus textures packs, and an attachments kit for dining: wine glasses, spoon, fork, and knife. Our attachments license allows you to use them as copy/transfer where needed. These kits are also discounted until Monday only at the main store.

Both texture packs are Texture Change Ready: This means that they include a set of notecards ready to work with our texture changer script with materials, to help you speed your production time.

Click here for your taxi!

Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 09/06/2017 at 09:00:00 - 0 Comments
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