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New mesh kit and new Lamps script V2 LITE

This weekend we have two new releases; one mesh kit and a lite version of our new Lamps script.

This lite version allows the following functionality in a single script:

  • Change color, transparency, glow, full bright, and SL light point options of your lamp(s) depending on its state
  • Lamp may cycle from on/off to min/med/max/off states
  • Light cycle can be played through an independent face (example: turn on a light bulb by clicking outside the lamp)
  • Lamp can play an on/off sound when turned on/off
  • Menu can be launched by other scripts like AVsitter
  • Lamp can change its state through other script (for example, a custom home management system). The novelty is that we no longer need a separate [MODULE] script.
  • Lamp sends information to other scripts about the current state
  • Auxiliary tool included to set up all the lamp states.

Promotional price of the mesh kit is valid only until Monday, script is 50% off for a full week. Click here for your taxi.

Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 11/05/2018 at 09:00:00 - 0 Comments

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