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Theme Texture Change v2

Theme Texture Change v2
Second Life, L$ 1995
Avalaible at SL Marketplace: Theme Texture Change v2
New version of the popular texture change script, featuring:

- Auxiliary tool with clean web output
- Works with materials/non materials
- Reads relevant prims from name or description (compatibility with UniDoor and KoolDoor)
- Back to AVsitter 2 button or any other application you need
- Define default access mode
- Demo mode for stores: load a theme after a given time
- Works with RLV in AVsitter 2
- The [MODULE] script is no longer necessary: everything is handled by the same script
- Separate unlinked objects have a common menu (for example, swings or big houses)
- Special menus to change color only or transparency only
- Create texture change HUDs with the HUD script
- Poses Add-On: Change the texture depending on which pose is being played in AVsitter 2
- Rez Module Add-On: Rezzable props change the texture together with the rezzer
- Complete tutorial objects and textures included
- Scripting API

Note: The auxiliary tool is no modify/no transfer.

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This product was released on 26/02/2021 at 12:00:00