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My Private Garden

My Private Garden
Second Life, L$ 450
Avalaible at SL Marketplace: My Private Garden
This garden corner comes in three sizes that have different LI:

11.725 x 11.725 x 4.662 - LI is 41
7.5 x 7.5 x 2.982 - LI is 23
6.48 x 6.48 x 2.576 - LI is 20

You can resize it bigger or smaller, that is not going to affect to the door scripts. Keep in mind that, as the numbers show, the bigger you resize it, the more available LI you will need.

Before attempting to modify this build, PLEASE, make sure you keep a copy of your originals!
Should problems happen, you always have the originals to start again.

Lights are scripted: touch the item for a menu.
IMPORTANT: This script is still in BETA version. When the script is fully tested and bug fixed, an update will be sent to you for free.

Object contents are copy/no modify/no transfer

Enjoy your garden corner :-)

If you are going to modify the build, remember to keep always an ORIGINAL in your inventory!
This build is copy. Modify as you will, keeping an original, in case you make a mistake: You will always have the original to rez a fresh copy and start again.

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This product was released on 08/07/2017 at 12:00:00