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[Black Tulip] The Greenhouse

[Black Tulip] The Greenhouse
Second Life, L$ 750
Avalaible at SL Marketplace: The Greenhouse
Your folder contains two copies of the greenhouse:

[Black Tulip] The Greenhouse
[Black Tulip] The Greenhouse - Small Size

They have different sizes, and so different LI. The purpose is that you choose the size that better fits your plot/LI allowance.

Footprint and LI are:

Normal Size: 14.7 x 20.1, LI: 61
Small Size: 8.8 x 12, LI: 27

Both have scripted doors. Doors in the big size one open/close separately, while in the small size, they do together as a group.

The greenhouse is modify, so you can resize it to your whim. Before modifying it, read the supplied documentation. It will tell you what to be careful with, if you plan on modifying it.

The door script is copy/no modify/no transfer. This has no influence over the prims: when you rez the greenhouse, you'll see that the prims are copy/modify/no transfer.

Classified under: Home and Garden
This product was released on 16/09/2014 at 12:00:00