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[Black Tulip] The Classroom

[Black Tulip] The Classroom
Second Life, L$ 325
Avalaible at SL Marketplace: The Classroom
This set is MESH. This means that scaling UP the objects, could make for the LI to raise. Make sure you have enough LI available before attempting to resize up.

If you are going to modify the items, remember to keep always an ORIGINAL in your inventory!

All this set is copy. Modify as you will, keeping an original, in case you make a mistake: You will always have the original to rez a fresh copy and start again.

You will see that, in inventory, some of the items show as copy/no modify/no transfer. But if you rez the item, you will see that the prims are copy/modify/no transfer. The reason why you see something different in your inventory, is because of the scripts and animations contained, which are all copy/no modify/no transfer. This does not affect at all your ability to modify the prims: resize, tint, add more scripts, rename them (inworld)... It's just how permissions work in SL.

Classified under: Home and Garden
This product was released on 16/09/2014 at 12:00:00