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[Black Tulip] Poses FP - BENTO Default Facial Expressions

[Black Tulip] Poses FP - BENTO Default Facial Expressions
Second Life, L$ 750
Avalaible at SL Marketplace: [Black Tulip] Poses FP - BENTO Default Facial Expressions
With Bento, we have new possibilities creating animations. But that doesn't mean you have to ditch all your old animations waiting for new Bento ones. This pack of default facial expressions poses will enhance your already purchased pre-Bento animations. They mimic the system avatar facial expressions.

They're priority 6.

IMPORTANT: There are many possible riggings for Bento mesh heads and in some of them these poses may not look well. This is something that we can not help. We've tested the poses in Lelutka, LAQ, Vista and some models of Catwa. We cannot assure that they will look perfect in every model of head that is out there because there is not a perfect facial expression that works the same for every head. It's technically impossible. If this is a problem to you, we recommend NOT to purchase these poses. Try them out at the store with different heads to make sure that you like them.

Classified under: Full permissions: Animations
This product was released on 25/01/2019 at 12:00:00