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Halloween Dinner Ghosts - Rezzer Add-on script in Marketplace.

Thank you for having considered this script to enhance the quality of your products. Please read the following instructions carefully, especially the ones explaining which permissions to apply to the scripts for the next owner. Failure to complete this task INVALIDATES the license governing your use of this set of scripts. Should you have problems, please fill the scripts assistance form, explaining what you did and what happened, and I'll get back to you.

IMPORTANT! The script contains a check to prevent accidental give-aways. If you haven't set permissions correctly in your inventory, then the script will self delete when you try to use it. The best way to ensure you set permissions correctly is by doing it NOW in your inventory.

Follow these directions carefully. Complete the Step by Step Guide in the first place and then go to the Advanced Setup section for a detailed explanation of all the features. There's a Troubleshooting section at the end. Before asking for help, check that your problem isn't one of the problems described in there.

License of Use: Click here to read the License of use.

IMPORTANT! This script is an add-on for the script "Halloween Rezzer - AVsitter Plugin". It will NOT work on its own, it needs the rezzer.

What's included in your purchase

Check that your box contains the following assets:

  • [Black Tulip] Halloween Rezzer - PROP - Dinner Ghosts
  • [Black Tulip] Halloween Rezzer - PROP DECO - Dinner Ghosts
  • [Black Tulip] Proof Of Purchase - Prop Dinner Ghosts v1
  • [Black Tulip] Halloween Rezzer - PROP - Dinner Ghosts ~DOC~

If any of these is missing, contact Auryn Beorn for a replacement.

Features list

Replaces the PROP script in the main Halloween Rezzer distribution.

  • The normal version makes the ghosts show up slowly on rez, and vanish slowly before being deleted.
  • The DECO version does the show up and vanish, but when avatars get close (5 meter) to the table. They show up when avatars are close, and vanish when no avatars are around.

Step by Step Guide

When we learned to prepare the props for the Halloween Rezzer script, we read:

We'll learn to prepare one, then the other two are the same. Rez the [Black Tulip] Halloween Table Setting - Green Poison object, edit it, and drop in its contents the [Black Tulip] Halloween Rezzer - PROP script, with permissions correctly set (no mod/no transfer in this case).

In this case, the prop is one of the ghosts (available separately), or any other 1-prim object you've created for this purpose, and the prop script is not the one mentioned above, but ONE and only one of these:

  • [Black Tulip] Halloween Rezzer - PROP - Dinner Ghosts
  • [Black Tulip] Halloween Rezzer - PROP DECO - Dinner Ghosts

The DECO script is meant for the decorative poses. It will make the ghosts slowly appear when avatars get close to them (5 meters or less), and vanish when they are farther from this distance. They will stay rezzed, waiting for closer avatars.

When using the DECO script, we strongly suggest to rename the ghost so the word DECO appears somewhere. It will make easier to recognize it when using the auxiliary tool and when writing the notecard.

The auxiliary tool

The auxiliary tool is not included because it's part of the main script, the Halloween Rezzer. It is used exactly like in the said script, so refer there for the documentation.


No issues reported at the moment.

If after having followed the directions and checked the troubleshooting list, you have problems making the script work, please click here for the customer service form.