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One script, two attachments. Auxiliary tools. Control the tilts.

[Black Tulip] Script - Aeros & Physics for AVsitter in Marketplace.

Follow these directions carefully. Complete the Step by Step Guide in the first place and then go to the Advanced Setup section for a detailed explanation of all the features. There's a Troubleshooting section at the end. Before asking for help, check that your problem isn't one of the problems described in there.

License of Use: Click here to read the License of use.

What's included in your purchase

Check that your box contains the following assets:

  • [Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter
  • [Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter ~CFG~
  • [Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock - Notecard AUX TOOL
  • [Black Tulip] Aeros Tilt Aux. Tool
  • [Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock - Delete unused tilts
  • [Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter ~DOC~

If any of these is missing, contact Auryn Beorn for a replacement.

Features list

  • One script, two controlled attachments, depending on which is worn.
  • Changes the tilt of Aeros & Aeros Bento from -90 degrees to 90 degrees
  • Changes the tilt of Bento Physics from -90 degrees to 90 degrees. Precision: 1 degree.
  • Supports several sitters wearing each of them.
  • The script does not store values in an external database.
  • Auxiliary tool to build the configuration notecard with web output.
  • Auxiliary tool to obtain the tilts with Aeros.
  • Animations set for the Bento Physics with 1 degree of precision.

How to use the script

First, we set up our engine with AVsitter as usual. Include animations, the AVpos notecard, the scripts... Once we have set up your object and the animations with AVsitter, we decide which ones will change the cock tilt of the avatar(s) that will be using the device.

Whenever we decide "this animation will have the tilts changed", we add one Animation line in the "[Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter ~CFG~" configuration notecard. The notecard in our package has three lines to show the format, but we can remove them and just add ours.

The auxiliary tools help us doing the following process quicker, but it's recommended to first learn to do it "by hand". It helps understanding what's produced by the other scripts and how to use the output exactly.

What information do we need to write on the notecard?

First, the animation name, as it shows on the corresponding AVsitter menu button.

Then, separated by | , we write pairs of data:

sitter_number | cock_tilt

About sitter_number.

All AVpos notecards have their information separated per avatar. Menu and adjust pose settings for the first avatar, then for the second avatar, etc.

We can see that this is noted in the AVpos notecard by lines like:


The number next to the SITTER word is the sitter_number we need in the notecard.

0 is for the first avatar that sits
1 is for the second avatar that sits
2 is for the third avatar that sits

About cock_tilt.

It's a number that goes from -90 to 90. The unit is degrees. For a clear idea:

  • -90 degrees is the cock completely resting, pointing down to the ground.
  • 0 degrees would be the cock "half way", horizontal.
  • 90 degrees would be the cock pointing up the sky.

Numbers between 0 and 90 would make for an erect state. 45 degrees makes for a nice one, if you want a starter value that you can tweak until getting the one you want. Some animations may need negative values: Don't worry about that if it happens.

Let's see this now on the three example lines written in the notecard:

Animation = Anim 1 | 0 | -90 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 90
Animation = Anim 2 | 0 | 0 | 1 | -45 | 2 | 45
Animation = Anim 3 | 0 | 45 | 1 | -45 | 2 | 90

The first line says:

Animation = Anim 1 | 0 | -90 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 90

This means, Anim 1 is the animation name that shows on the AVsitter menu button. Then the rest:

0 | -90 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 90

are pairs sitter_number | cock_tilt

0 | -90
1 | 0
2 | 90

So for animation Anim 1:

  • Sitter 0 has the cock tilt changed to -90 degrees (pointing down).
  • Sitter 1 has the cock tilt changed to 0 degrees (horizontal - the hanging towels position).
  • Sitter 2 has the cock tilt changed to 90 degrees (pointing up).

We don't need to write data for all sitter numbers: Only those sitter numbers that will be occupied by avatars that will have the cock tilt changed.

This is important to note: We can check that all the tilts are correct with just one avatar by using the [SWAP] button from AVsitter to have the avatar cycling between sitter numbers, to check that the tilts are different for the different sitters.

If we only have one avatar with a cock (Aeros or Physics), and this is sitter 1, our lines would look like:

Animation = Anim 1 | 1 | 0
Animation = Anim 2 | 1 | -45
Animation = Anim 3 | 1 | -45

The Aeros Partner script from Aeros should be in the object before adding this plugin, together with all the AVsitter scripts, animations, props, etc.

Then we drop the "[Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter ~CFG~" notecard, then the "[Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter" script, and wait for the configuration notecard to be read. Then it's ready to try it and fine tune the tilt values if needed.

IMPORTANT: If you're using the 2020 version of the Aeros partner script, let your customers know that they need to attach the HUD in order for the script to work.

The auxiliary tools

Included, there are a couple of auxiliary tools that will help us producing our "[Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter ~CFG~" notecard faster.

The "[Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock - Notecard AUX TOOL" script

Drop this script in a prim with your finished AVpos notecard. It doesn't have to be the final object with all the animations, it can be just a box as long as the finished AVpos notecard is in it.

When the script is in, it will show a text box asking for the sitter number of the avatar that will have the cock tilt changed by the Aeros script. We input that number and the script will read the AVpos notecard looking for all the POSE and SYNC lines corresponding to that sitter, outputting them in local (nearby) chat. It also gives a link to copy/paste the full output from web.

It's possible that we don't want to include all the animations to be controlled by the Aeros script: Simply delete the Animation lines corresponding to those.

It's recommended to remove all the timestamp lines.

If there are animations where we need MORE than one avatar controlled by the Aeros script, we have to add them manually according to the line format explained in the previous section.

The "[Black Tulip] Aeros Tilt Aux. Tool" script

This script is meant to be used by the avatar wearing the Aeros cock so we don't have to eyeball the tilt values per animation. It needs of the partner script, so the avatar with the Aeros cock needs having it. The copy/no transfer version is enough for this avatar (which usually is an alt of our main to help us set up).

The avatar with the Aeros cock must do this:

  • Rez a box. Make sure this avatar is the creator of the box.
  • Give it a name like "Tilt values" (do not include the Aeros word, the partner script doesn't "like it")
  • Drop the Aeros partner script.
  • Drop the "[Black Tulip] Aeros Tilt Aux. Tool" script.
  • Click the box.
  • Input the UUID (only the UUID) of the avatar that will receive messages on the local chat with the tilt values.

You may obtain a copy/no transfer version of the Partner script to start working. The "Requesting the Partner script from Aeros" section gives a direct link to Marketplace, where it can be purchased.

Now you and this avatar with the Aeros can sit on the AVsitter furniture, go over every animation.

You would adjust the cock tilt with the HUD, and notice how any time that the cock tilt changes, you get a message in chat. When you like the cock tilt, write down the number you've gotten in chat in the corresponding line of the "[Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter ~CFG~" notecard.

It is highly recommend to work this notecard first on a text file on your computer. Saving is faster and less prone to errors than inside SL, and the cursor doesn't bump to the top every time we save, so we don't lose track of where we were working.

All the tilts obtained for the Aeros work too for the Physics.

When we have calculated the tilts and written them on the notecard, it is time to add all the animations with the different tilts for the Bento Physics (they're slightly different than their default ones). They go from [BT] PC V-90 to [BT] PC V90. Check that they're in the object when the inventory contents refresh before the next step.

When we've dropped all the tilt animations, we can clean up the ones that aren't used, according to our [Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock for AVsitter ~CFG~ notecard. Simply drop the [Black Tulip] Aeros & Physics Cock - Delete unused tilts script and it will take care of removing the unused animation tilts.

Requesting the Partner script from Aeros

When you have your item working with AVsitter and ready with Black Tulip's script, you need a copy/transfer copy of the Aeros Partner script. If you don't have the copy/no transfer Aeros Partner script you should purchase it from their Marketplace store.

Then send Aeros' creator, Ray Silent, a copy of your project (minus their Partner script because it's no transfer) with a notecard requesting the copy/no modify/transfer version of it. We recommend sending the copy of your project and the notecard requesting the copy/transfer version in a folder, so they get it all together as a single inventory offer - easier for them to collect your information, and less messages toward their IM cap if they're offline.

The following is a template to request the partner script that can be written on a notecard: Request for copy/trans Partner Script - YOUR NAME


My name is [YOUR NAME]. I am the creator behind the [YOUR STORE NAME] brand
and I would be grateful if you would send me a copy-transfer version of your
Aeros Cock API Partner Script. 

Included in this folder you can find an almost finished design that works with the script,
so you can test it. 

Information on the seller: 

Avatar Name: [YOUR NAME]
Inworld store: [YOUR INWORLD STORE]


Change the corresponding fields with your own information:

  • [YOUR NAME] - Write your legacy name here. Do not write your display name.
  • [YOUR INWORLD STORE] - SL URL to your store. You can also attach a landmark if you wish.

You can use your own notecard format, of course, this is only a suggestion if you feel stuck and not knowing what to write.

IMPORTANT: For errors/problems coming from the Aeros partner script, contact Aeros' creator. Black Tulip isn't involved nor associated with Aeros in any way. We do not provide customer service for Aeros and their API. Black Tulip provides customer service only for scripts created by Black Tulip owners.

Documentation for your customers

This is suggested text to include in the documentation you provide your own customers, so they know about the feature and how to use it.


If you, or any of the avatars using this item, is wearing an Aeros cock, you'll be benefited of the automatic tilt set feature. This feature will change the tilt of your cock to adjust the best possible to each animation. In order to have it working, you need to change one setting in your Aeros cock.

  • Touch your Aeros cock to get the menu. If the cock is hidden, show it with the HUD.
  • Click "Devices" on that menu, then select "Auto" mode.
  • Make sure that "Level" (also under the "Devices" menu) is set to at least 2.

Every time any avatar wearing an Aeros cock sits on this item, they'll get a message in local chat to remind them of this.


Look for the settings button in the center wheels. Then the anim button under it. Then three lines in a small button: That's the menu button.

Then we click on "Allowed...", then, on "[ Edit... ]". Then select one number, for example, 1. Then click on "UUID..."

Get the UUID of the furniture right editing and clicking the "Get keys" button in the General tab. Then type that UUID in the script's text box and hit on "Submit".

Bento Physics

No additional documentation is required.




If after having followed the directions and checked the troubleshooting list, you have problems making the script work, please click here for the customer service form.