Notes on creating clocks

IMPORTANT: This document is currently under construction

This document contains several important notes regarding the construction of your clock.

Clock hands included in your mesh sets have been modelled to correctly rotate around the centers. This means that in addition to the faces listed on the ad, there's another little face in all of them: a triangle. This triangle must be always textured completely transparent, like the supplied objects show. Keep this in mind, if you use a texture changer script: you don't want that the triangles showing :-)

These triangles aren't so little in the case of the clock hands: they need to be big, so you can resize the hands to smaller sizes (it's a trick to apparently go beyond the 0.01 limit from SL).

There's only one UV texture, one AO map, and one baked texture, for the three clock hands. It will fit the three of them.

The separate seconds hand is big enough so you can spot it, if you rez it alone. But if you use the seconds hand that's linked in the supplied clock, keep this in mind: IT MIGHT BE VERY TINY! You could miss the little hand and have it floating around.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you set the Physics Shape Type of ALL CLOCK HANDS to NONE, once you have linked them to your build. Moving prims like a clock hands may be laggy with a different setting. In the provided linked object, you will find that the hands are already set this way. The Physics Shape Type property is set under the Features tab of the edit window.

The hands texture is provided at 256x256 size. For small pieces, that's quality more than enough. Lately, SL is being affected because of many 1024x1024 textures, that are making people to have their viewers crashing, because the memory of the graphic cards is filling up fast. Lately, also, I'm trying to study where small textures make sense without a perceivable loss of quality at a reasonable distance, and I encourage you to do the same, for a better SL for all.

We hope all possible doubts are now clarified, and that you will create wonderful items with these objects.